Our Information & Policy Analysis Center (IPAC) has built a foundation of non-biased, science-based, broad and deep knowledge, including interdisciplinary expertise, in an effort to positively impact and make a difference in important and exciting modern world arenas.  Our expertise in policy, communication, economic development, homeland security, national defense, and energy and environmental issues combine theory with real world experience resulting in objective, robust and focused research, analysis, suggestions and solutions. IPAC values integrity, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, tolerance, neutrality and a focus on excellence.  The substantial freedom our members enjoy fosters the ideal environment for innovative, rigorous, transformative research and analysis.  At IPAC we treat the global community with respect, empower individuals, encourage collaboration and ultimately hope to make a positive and lasting impact. 



International Women's Issues Conference


Globalization, Information, Policy & Knowledge Production (GIP & KP) Annual Meeting

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