IPAC is an educational nonpartisan organization with no particular political agenda. The natural extension of our advocacy and research efforts is the development and formation of solutions and suggestions for a multitude of domestic and international challenges. Our expertise extends into many areas encompassing educational and environmental matters as well as economic and security issues. We develop suggestions and solutions both in-house and in partnership with other organizations and institutions. 

IPAC works with a variety of interests in crafting studies, programs, and workshops relating to international cooperation, communication, and cross-cultural education.  We seek to improve the level of discourse within and between academic institutions, private sector business interests, government, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations.

Our background experience and academic expertise in international relations and technical communication affords us a valuable perspective and keen insight into how the interconnected digital world will communicate in the 21st century.  Our interdisciplinary approach offers a resource that is quite unique. It is our hope that we put these qualities to use in a collaborative manner that ultimately contributes to an increased level of dialogue and understanding between diverse and influential groups through the shaping of innovative solutions for difficult and varied challenges.