Privacy Statement


Privacy of our partners, leaders, board members, and staff is of special importance to all of us at IPAC.

Many partners of IPAC come from competing and conflicting domestic or international institutions. IPAC is a nonpartisan organization, we cooperate and collaborate with many legal groups and organizations for the common good of all. Unlike many other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), however, IPAC will not advertise its accomplishments or projects on this website, in order to provide its partners, staff and affiliates with maximum privacy. 

IPAC leadership does not place any limitations on its partners for publicizing their collaborative projects and programs with IPAC at any level. IPAC partners and members are completely free to advertise their accomplishments and collaborative projects with IPAC on their own websites and in their own publications. 

IPAC participates in many diverse local, national, and international quality programs. We very much appreciate the high praise and gratitude from our partners in cooperative ventures.  We at IPAC consider affirmative word of mouth to be our best form of advertisement  and  endorsement.

IPAC’s strict privacy policy does not constrain this organization from providing full annual reports of our activities to relevant and appropriate governmental agencies such as the International Revenue Service and the Department of Justice.   These agencies are duly authorized to monitor  and/or supervise the activities of, and collect information from,  all Non-Governmental Organizations  (NGOs).   IPAC has been and remains in excellent legal and financial standing with all government agencies .