About Us


IPAC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit academic foundation and scientific research center dedicated to boosting educational skills, promoting productive communication, and creative problem solving through research and analysis.  Our mission aims to stimulate and support high quality social science research that addresses major domestic and international issues and, further, to disseminate those findings widely to scholars, professionals, policymakers, as well as the general public.


IPAC’s structure includes a Board of Directors, which consists of distinguished public servants and leaders in the academic, business, and nonprofit sectors. 

Our People

Our board members and staff have diverse career experiences, academic backgrounds, ideological outlooks, perspectives, and ethnicities. IPAC project teams are assembled from research professionals whose collective expertise is drawn from various backgrounds and professions, including academia, non-governmental organizations, and both public and private industry.

Quality Research Standards

IPAC provides high-quality, independent research and analysis addressing issues at the top of national and international agendas. We at IPAC are proud of the ways by which we ensure that our research products and services reflect our core values of quality and neutrality. IPAC disseminates its relevant research findings as widely as possible for public benefit.


Our research is commissioned by varied sources that include academic centers, government agencies, private foundations, endowments, businesses, and individual philanthropic contributions. Our funding is used to support our innovative research and training, allowing us to go beyond traditional boundaries in examining issues crucial to public and private debates.