Dominic Martin, BA

Research Assistant

Dominic Martin has a BA degree from the University of Central Florida where he majored in International and Global Studies with a double minor in Middle Eastern Studies and History. His major research focus deals with regional studies of the Middle East specifically the states of Egypt and Iran. Within this area Dominic focuses on contemporary revolutionary studies, political transition and democratization, and institutions.

To further his abilities as a student of Middle Eastern politics, Dominic studied abroad in Amman, Jordan at the Qasid Arabic Institute for the summer of 2013. Abroad Dominic obtained not just an understanding of Arabic, that he was able to apply to his studies, but he also obtained a grasp of how Middle Eastern states function on the ground such as with customs and political discourse. This has proven invaluable to Dominic's understanding of the region and shows in his work. Upon returning to UCF to continue his studies, Dominic has also volunteered as an arabic tutor for the lower-level Arabic classes. 

Besides maintaining a strong GPA, Dominic has also taken his passion for the region and embarked upon several research programs that UCF offers, such as Honors in a Major (HIM) and Independent Research. His HIM thesis, chaired by Dr. Sadri, is a comparative analysis of political transition in the Post-Arab Spring states of Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen through the lens of electoral democracy. He is also working on an independent project analyzing the military-industrial complex in Egypt and Iran and how the presence of this phenomenon has influenced political transition. 

Dominic has also worked to improve his community through being a founding father of Delta Lambda Phi Beta Psi chapter at UCF, as well as working closely with colleagues to start up a charity called Every Moment Realized, a charity bent on feeding at-risk children in the Central Florida area.