Dr. Houman A. Sadri


Dr. Houman (Hugh) Sadri enjoys his position as director of IPAC. He has led an exceptionally active, balanced, and distinguished professional career. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and a fellowship at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. He is the author of several books and numerous articles. He is a frequent presenter and invited guest speaker at professional and community meetings both in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Sadri combines academic and real world experience in the fields of development and security at local, national, and international levels. He has excelled as an administrator and promoter for both private and public organizations. 

With excellent organizational, technical, and people skills, Dr. Sadri founded, led, and serves a variety of organizations including for-profit, non-profit as well as governmental agencies. He is a proven leader with valuable people skills. He excels at motivating, managing, and interacting with individuals from diverse cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds. He has served as project manager for several local and national corporations with international aspirations. In addition to training staff, Dr. Sadri also managed teams on a project basis for several companies in the area of development, economic growth, marketing, and public relations for both domestic and global markets.

He has served for years as a consultant for various U.S. Government agencies, NGOs, and local/national businesses. His quality work has earned him several awards for his efficient service and effective training programs. He has also worked with State and Local government organizations in Arizona, California, Virginia, and Florida in the areas of development, education, and security. 

In addition to his local and national projects, Dr. Sadri has significant international experience on 6 continents and has traveled to more than 70 countries. His projects are funded by a variety of public and private organizations with diverse developmental and growth policy objectives and means. Dr. Sadri’s other service activities include working as a publication editor and reviewer. He also serves on several Executive Boards.