Kari Williams, M.A.

Project Manager

Kari Williams is a cross-sector liaison connecting non-profit organizations during joint humanitarian operations.  After receiving a Masters of Non-profit Management and a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security from the University of Central Florida, Kari has gone on to work with the U.S. military as an NGO lead during multiple civil-military deployments.  During these deployments Kari coordinated programming in over nine countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. She has also conducted field research in Colombia and Honduras for multiple academic partners. In addition to organizing international projects over the previous four years, Kari worked for a variety of non-profit and public organizations.  These include the Mid-Florida Region American Red Cross, Heart of Florida United Way, UCF’s School of Public Administration, and UCF’s Center for Public and Non-profit Management. Ms. Williams is currently providing consultation and expertise to U.S. and foreign nongovernmental organizations on humanitarian programs.  Pertinent areas of her research include: civil-military operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, public-private cooperation, and international development.